Refund & Cancelation Policy

Our cancellation and refund policy is designed to give customers a first-rate, out-of-the-box customer experience.
To get the required results, we systematically design each project and break it down into phases.

A thorough study and the creation of a scope of work document are the first steps in all of our projects.
This prevents any form of disagreement and promotes open communication between the parties by keeping them in sync and on the same page. As a result, it may help to lower the likelihood of project cancellation or reversal.

Refunding for work previously performed is not an option because time and human resources were used to meet the target and finish each module.
If a project is mutually terminated, the client is responsible for all completed work, and any payments made for additional development are void. Please be aware that no prior payment or deposit will be reimbursed.

The client’s payment is non-refundable once the mock-up designs have been approved, and we then move directly into the project’s development phase.
Customers shouldn’t believe they may get a partial refund for projects midway through the first phase.
Our marketing team has provided special occasion services at a fixed price that cannot be changed and is time-limited.

We do not provide refunds on deposits for projects that have been dormant for more than 30 days.


However, if you think you can add value and grow with our team, mail us your info with a resume at