Ecommerce - One-click solution to digitally transform your business.

Ecommerce – One-click solution to digitally transform your business.

How about feeling your products selling with one click all around the world ?

E-commerce is the solution to the world of selling your products and services online.

E-commerce provides customers with several advantages like lower-cost, broader choice, and time-saving availability of products.

According to buildfire statistics, 82% of mobile users shop online. 53% of users buy their needs from company business apps. It means by 2021; the ecommerce industry would grow into a billion-dollar industry.

Because of this pandemic, approximately more than a quarter of the year, we were in lockdown. Due to which many business and personal brands have switched to online marketing.

According to the India brand equity foundation, the Indian e-commerce market is projected to rise to US 200 billion $ by 2026. A rise in internet usage and android phone penetration has influenced the digital industry’s growth.

India’s revenue is the highest in the world at an annual rate of 51%.

With the effect of lockdown, only ecommerce industries were allowed to deliver their goods and services to customers. The profit they earned has risen as compared to manual businesses.

Big online shopping tycoons like Amazon, Flipkart, swiggy, and zomato have continued to provide their customers with their accessible, smooth, online shopping services.

The android is a globally accepted smartphone for its flexibility, liberty of choices, and functionalities. The android features make Android the most popular phone globally, impacting m-commerce to a great extent.

The smartphone industry has grown due to the inclusion of the 4G network due to which it is estimated that it would increase M-commerce to billion dollar by 2026.

According to the 2019 Gartner newsroom, by the end of 2020, m-commerce will be a multi-experience for tangible and intangible product businesses.

At Webshlok, we assure you to provide you the best e-commerce service to experience your business digitally with new insight.

We will provide you with all the latest features in which your customers will be able to visit your digital shop and order with trouble-free transactions.


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